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Media: Meet BuzzFeed's New Business-Focused Education Reporter

image from m.c.lnkd.licdn.comAs you may recall, BuzzFeed is among the many new and existing outlets with a recent and growing interest in education. And, having first announced the job a few weeks ago, the site has now picked a new person to take it on.  She's Molly Hensley-Clancy (pictured). Her Twitter is @Molly_HC. You're welcome.

From the press release: "Prior to joining BuzzFeed, Molly worked as a research assistant at Reuters. Molly has covered business news for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and residential and commercial real estate business for the Wall Street Journal. Before embarking on a career in journalism, Molly worked as a teaching assistant in several city public schools and is deeply interested in educational inequality and access in education. Molly graduated from Yale University and currently lives in Park Slope."

"Molly is an ambitious, aggressive, talented young journalist who is equally comfortable covering a board of education meeting or an earnings report," says BuzzFeed Business Editor Peter Lauria in an emailed statement.  "How money affects education is what this beat is all about, and Molly's ability to be understand and put into context how the two are intertwined is a perfect match.

Known for viral lists and gifs (see for example Which Of Buzzfeed's 23 "Favorite Teacher" Moments Is Best?, or 33 Signs You're A New Teacher), BuzzFeed also produces its own traditional journalism.

For the new education spot, editor Lauria says "We are going to be looking at how big corporations like News Corp and Amazon and Apple are newly altering the environment for education, how entrenched players like Pearson are fighting back, and how upstarts like Chegg are trying to carve out a niche. We see an avenue to cover that from a business perspective that is currently lacking from a lot of mainstream education coverage, and Molly will be at the forefront of bringing this type of news to a large consumer audience."

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