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Weekend Reading: While You Were Off Having A Life

WeekendtodolistquinnanyaflickrI know it's sort of a pain but you should really also be following me on Twitter (@alexanderrusso) and Facebook. Just in case you haven't gotten to that yet, here are some of the best things from over the weekend:

We Didn’t Eat the Marshmallow. The Marshmallow Ate Us. - http://ht.ly/suw96  @paultough

Deep pockets push $250M NY education tax credit | Journal News http://ht.ly/svfvc  @davidmckay415 [Deep pockets will oppose it, too.]

This Year’s Best [Accountability] Reporting on Education - ProPublica @mariancw http://ht.ly/svdnX  [Anything missing?]

Weingarten on Education in '14, Panel on Web, Teachers (Audio) @bloombergradio http://ht.ly/suwX8  @janewilliams @susaw

How College Pricing Is Like Holiday Retail Sales - ProPublica http://ht.ly/svdbg  “carefully engineered illusion" ... “retail theater.”

The Latest Language-Learning Trend for NYC Kids: Coding -- New York Magazine http://ht.ly/suxgA 

No books, no clue at "city’s worst school" | New York Post http://ht.ly/svJYP 

Also: Thanks to everyone who told me that my "From Jay Mathews" tweets -- my long-running effort to make sure his stuff makes it into social media -- had been flipped with Valerie Strauss's posts.  I'm working on getting the feeds sorted out.

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I very much appreciate your effort to make sure his stuff gets into social media. Ever since the Post started limiting page views, I use your tweets for his stuff.

I should have realized after the second tweet that it was something automated. Sorry for growling at you.

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