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Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

Some fascinating reads from over the long MLK weekend, including a bunch of stuff about politics, advocacy, and over-reaching, a smattering of pieces about parenting and teaching, and the usual edtech trends and troubles:

Flickr albastrica mititicaHow Organized Minorities Defeat Disorganized Majorities - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society http://ht.ly/sLTTt 

Extreme voices: Interest groups and the misrepresentation of issue publics - Harvard Shorenstein Center http://ht.ly/sKTyF 

Manufacturing Dissent: What happens when “community activists” falsely claim they have community support http://ht.ly/sMqr0  @petercook

Teachers Unions and Democracy | Jacobin http://ht.ly/sKNMt  Lois Weiner on internal pressures @rweingarten faces leading @AFTunion

What If These TED Talks Were Horribly, Unspeakably Wrong? The Awl http://ht.ly/sIq3h  [incl Gladwell, Mitra]

Why Adolescence Is More Brutal for Parents Than Teenagers -- New York Magazine http://ht.ly/sIpm0 

More items below and via @alexanderrusso

BloombergEDU reporter roundtable on 2014 education trends @Bloombergradio http://ht.ly/sKMt3  @politicsk12 @chalkbeatNY @joy_resmovits

The missing link in the War on Poverty | Chicago Reader http://ht.ly/sMbNB  by @stevebogira @rickkahlenberg @sarahegarland

Going to school on MLK Day raises sensitivity concerns - Indy Star http://ht.ly/sM8r8 

Low-Income Schools See Big Benefits in Teaching Mindfulness | MindShift http://ht.ly/sKNCW  @mindshiftKQED

Teachers' union boss spent $18K in Bond-like HQ sweep: http://nypost.com/2014/01/20/uft-spent-18g-in-dues-for-headquarters-spy-sweep/ … ht Antonucci via Petrilli

Bruce @brucewmsmith Smith takes on the #CCSS critics at National Review (in comments) http://ht.ly/sMoft  Brave man.

2011 NYT Magazine article still worth reading: Why Facebook Is After Your Kids - http://NYTimes.com  http://ht.ly/sKO5G 

An oral history of Hoop Dreams, 20 years after its première / The Dissolve http://ht.ly/sIpkd 

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