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Morning Video: Last Night's Raucous Newark Schools Meeting

Here's AFT president Randi Weingarten speaking at last night's Newark schools meeting (provided by AFT). After Weingarten left, speakers hurled insults at Newark superintendent Cami Anderson (NJ Spotlight). 


In the aftermath, there's been some debate on Twitter about whether Weingarten and others approve of this kind of attack, are in any way responsible for policing comments others make, and why there weren't (m)any pro-reform parents and community members in the packed meeting.


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Thank you for the video link. I posted it on Diane Ravitch's blog, where Randi has been getting roughed up lately.

Some posters have been trying weakly to put daylight between Anderson's plan and various Newark charters, which are likely to be swept away in the wave of revulsion it has aroused.

Your news story link leaves out one reason for the parents' anger: the brutal physical punishment Cami inflicted on their children in Newark's public schools last week. She required public schools to open, and staff and children to attend, in the sub-zero snow emergency that closed every surrounding district for 20 miles. Newark charter schools closed, but the public schools weren't allowed to.

It's pure Christie, I guess, but what will it get her? I think she's trying to foment community hatred, so she can paint herself a martyr when Christie finally has to fire her for incompetence.

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