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Update: Controversial New Advocacy Group Launching Tomorrow

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comJust a reminder that Integrity In Education, the new group that's to be headed by former AFT staffer Sabrina Stevens (pictured), is finally launching tomorrow after some delays and minor controversy last month.

As you may recall, Stevens appeared on MSNBC as a generic "education advocate" in early December, which prompted me and others to be curious about who she was and neither she nor the show had identified her with more specificity.

The AFT said it had no idea how Stevens got onto the show, and that Stevens no longer worked there.  MSNBC never got back to me about how she was booked but not properly identified. Stevens and her allies went to Twitter but never answered the basic questions (who's funding the new organization, etc.).  

For some of the fun back-and-forth, see #SabisSecretJob. For Politico's story, which pretends not to have been prompted by my writing, go... I'm not sure where.  (That was so lame.)

None of this may matter.  What might seem ill-prepared or unprofessional to outsiders might be just what reform critics are looking for right now. Stevens is African-American, younger than many other reform critics, and obviously willing to mix it up.  This new organization and the Stevens hire shows that reform critics and their allies seem like they're more willing to go for it than reformers.

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See the conference call announcement below.  I'll let you know what takes place on the call (unless they lock me out).

January 14, 2014


Press Call: Integrity in Education Launches to Shift Education Debate in America

New Organization Aims to Defend Children Against Corporate Takeover of Public Education

Will Run Aggressive Campaigns to Fight Back Against Privatization Schemes Pushed by Michelle Rhee, Jeb Bush and Others

Integrity in Education, a new organization that aims to confront corporate interest groups working to influence public education policy, will outline its agenda for restoring the national discourse about public education to focus on children’s best interests and the role of education in a democracy during a telephone press call onTuesday, January 14, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time.

Integrity in Education will call on the United States Department of Education to disclose any and all associations with profit-driven corporations, who have worked to exclude everyday Americans from important decisions about our children, our schools, and our future while raising public fears of a corporate takeover of public education.

Integrity in Education’s new campaign will focus on understanding and exposing the revolving door between corporate interest groups and the federal Department of Education, as well as confronting corporate front groups looking to profit off of the public's concern for our children.  


Telephone press call with Integrity in Education to discuss campaign against corporate influence at the Department of Education


Sabrina Joy Stevens, Executive Director of Integrity in Education

January 14, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern


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I know Sabrina. You've made it very clear you won't tolerate it if anybody questions your motivation and asks, who do you think you are to mount an attack on her?

Here she is, and you can see how she is qualified for a job as a pundit, advocate, journalist or activist, or whatever you hired advocates hold yourselves up to be.


I'm not sure who (finally) pays her, but I hope it's me through some of the dues and contributions I make. It would make me so proud.

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