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Roundups: The Atlantic's "Best Cities" Includes Education

C.a.muller via Flickr Creative CommonsIn case you missed it, two of the items listed in The Atlantic Cities' "Best Thing My City Did This Year" roundup are related to education: 

First -- and perhaps most controversial -- New Orleans's Public Schools Came Into Their Own:

"The trends in results are generally positive and returning to an apparently failed system seems hard to justify at this point. While my colleagues and I are still studying how, and how well, this radical new system works, the best thing the city did in 2013 was let this 'temporary' reform play out a little longer. Sometimes the best thing a city can do is nothing at all."

The second might also be controversial: Providence Tried to Change How Poor Parents Talk to Their Kids

"The program will not only measure vocabulary, but also provide coaching and tools to help parents close the 'word gap' that exists for children in low income homes. Not only will this be amazing for the kids, it shows Providence can compete and win in elite-level competitions."

Check it out.  Image via C.A. Muller (Flickr)


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