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Afternoon Video: Teachers Try To "Reinvent Shop Class" In Rural School

The documentary feature film IF YOU BUILD IT opened in NYC on Friday. Made with Kickstarter funding behind the folks who created Wordplay and IOUSA, it depicts the efforts of two teachers to reinvigorate a rural school in North Carolina -- and themselves. Read more here: Public Interest Design. via David Wald.


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Growing SMART – Turn Your Words into Money (previously called Art of the Dollar – Turn Your Words into Money) is a five week middle to high school educational program designed to provide project based learning opportunities that align with 21st century core academic competencies, as well as vocational skill building and character education. The course is delivered in partnership with public and private school teachers in writing, mathematics, or science classrooms as an innovative way to improve academic achievement, as well as increase funding for the school and community to benefit the students and residents. The key benefits of the program include, but are not limited to, the following:
• To introduce students to grant writing, philanthropy, nonprofit business, problem solving, and financial literacy
• To provide project based learning that helps students increase academic performance and learn to apply for scholarships
• To expand and enhance K-12 school curriculum to provide innovative lesson plans that align with common core standards
• To expand and enhance K-12 school curriculum to align with vocational skill building to prepare students for 21st century workforce
• To provide school based training to teach students, parents, administrators, and teachers how to find, write and win grants
• To increase funding for school districts and their communities through student-led grant funded projects

Funding from the local community or school district is required to provide the training that includes mini-grants for the students to apply and have initial success. The amount of funding required for mini-grants depends on the number of grants awarded. The school can determine the number and amount of mini-grant awards.

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