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Media: HuffPost Editor Joins New (Right-Leaning?) Education Site

image from www.realclearpolitics.comEdWeek's Mark Walsh reports that former HuffPostEDU editor Emmeline Zhao is going to help run the RealClear Education site that's launching sometime soon (Editor Picked for Real Clear Education) in a partnership with Bellwether Education Partners.

Bellwether honcho Andy Rotherham has written Eduwonk for nearly a decade now, and also for TIME.com (though I'm not sure if that arrangement remains in effect).

Walsh notes that"In an era of blurring lines between traditional news organizations and other content providers, having a firm such as Bellwether be a key partner in an education news site doesn't seem unusual, though one could imagine pitfalls."

Forbes bought a controlling share of RealClear Politics a few years ago.  The site has been described as right-leaning ideologically. Here's what's tagged under education on the site right now.


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Not sure it was intentional, but your link goes to RealClearPolicy.com, not RealClearPolitics. The Policy site is actually more mainstream, or rather they do have opposing views. The things tagged in Education within realclearpolitics (http://dyn.realclearpolitics.com/topic/e/Education/) are paticularly partisan (and most of them are opinion pieces) with the likes of Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell and Richard Vedder at the top of the page today. Scroll down and you'll see folks like Victor Davis Hanson, Glenn Reynolds, John Stossel, Clint Bolick, etc.

Looks like Bellweather needs to burnish it's "ed reform" credentials.

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