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Media: 6 Key Critiques Of Media Coverage Of Education

Here's my attempt to round up the most important books, articles, and reports that have been written about media coverage of education in recent years (ie, media criticism):

Media bias bias colin dunn flickr

The Media and Schools in America TC Press Gene Maeroff 1998

Reporting Left Behind "On The Media" Alexander Russo 2008

Improving Media Coverage of Education Brookings 2009

Re-Imagining Education Journalism Brookings 2010

Tested CJR Lynnell Hancock March 2011

Flunking the Test AJR Paul Farhi 2012

Take a look and let me know if I left anything important out. I feel like there are probably a couple more out there -- Poynter, Romenesko? -- but can't find or remember them and the caffeine is starting to wear off.


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Hi Alexander,
Definitely include Holly Yettick, who received her doctorate from the University of Colorado for a study she did on how journalists cover education research.

Holly is a former Rocky Mountain News reporter.

Here's an article based on her work. http://www.aaup.org/article/media-think-tanks-and-educational-research#.UtXCP7RdAS0

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