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Roundups: Best 5 Of Education Next's Top 20 Stories Of The Year

Flickr-sashalaEducation Next -- which I occasionally write for -- is sometimes predictable in its topics and the conclusions its articles come to.

But it just as often addresses topics that have been ignored and is unafraid to print conclusions that don't point clearly in one driection or the other.  

Would that other outlets and organizations were as open-minded, even occasionally.  (Actually, there are a couple of others, but not many.)

As the year winds up, the magazine has put out its "top 20" of the year but I thought I'd give you the five best to check out.  Taking Back Teaching (Colvin),  The Softer Side of ‘No Excuses’ (Boyd, Rose, and Maranto), Still Teaching for America (Kronholz), Gains in Teacher Quality (Goldhaber and Walch), and Toddlers and Tablets (Hernanez). Or take a look at the whole list: The Top 20 Education Next Articles of 2013

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