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Morning Video: Controversy Over Newly-Released Newtown 911 Tapes

The disputed 911 tapes from last year's Sandy Hook Elementary shooting were released yesterday after a year-long effort from AP (Newtown Dispatcher Urged Callers to Take Cover) Read about the dispute over covering the audio tape (Newtown's 9-1-1 Calls Released, If Anyone Really Wants to Hear Them Atlantic Wire, For News Media, a Mostly Cautious Approach to Newtown Tapes NYT). 

Or read about the efforts of the Newtown parents (Moms Demand Action Releases Devastating Ad Timed To Anniversary Of Newtown Shooting HuffPost) or about the latest school schooting (Suspect in custody after Fla. school shooting AP).  There have apparently been 26 school shootings since Sandy Hook. 



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