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Media: Newtown Anniversary Coverage Coverage

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The School Shootings You Didn’t Hear About—One Every Two Weeks Since Newtown
 Daily Beast: In the year since Newtown, at least 24 school shootings have claimed at least 17 lives, according to a Daily Beast investigation. Has anything really changed?

Newtown images tell a story of grieving AP: A line of frightened young children hang onto one another's shoulders as they're shepherded from their school building. A young woman wails and clutches her chest as she holds a phone to her ear, fearing the worst about her sister. A dusting of snow coats a pile of teddy bears placed on the ground....

LAPD teaches educators that 'Seconds Count' in school shooting scenario LA Daily News: During the daylong "Seconds Count" drill at New Community Jewish High in West Hills, about 50 private-school principals and leaders from Los Angeles' Jewish community learned methods for anticipating and preventing a crisis and training their staffs to respond should one occur.

Hidden Cameras Test School Security NBC News: On the first anniversary of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, NBC's Jeff Rossen investigates just how secure some schools are.

School in Chicago Suburb Leads the Way in Keeping Kids Safe NBC News: Jeff Rossen reports on an elementary school in Niles, Ill. that is using technology in a number of innovative ways to safeguard itself.


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