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AM News: Union & Other Group Leaders Announce Common Core Support

News2Leaders of teachers union, business group join forces to support Common Core Washington Post: "This came from the bottom up, this didn't come out of Washington,” said Engler, who called the standards an “economic and moral imperative.”

Teach For America: We Support the Common Core TeacherBeat: TFA goes on record to support the common-core standards.

Only 3 students scored college-ready in Camden, NJ AP: The new school superintendent in Camden, N.J., says it was a "kick-in-the-stomach moment" when he learned that only three district high school students who took the SAT this year scored as college-ready....

Flipping the traditional definition of 'homework' WBEZ: Instead of asking students to do high level thinking for homework, teachers assign video lectures and then work on problems and projects at school. WBEZ producer Becky Vevea visited a school downstate—Havana High School—that is flipping instruction. Her report aired on the Morning Shift on December 18, 2013.

U.S. Department of Education Still Not an Awesome Place to Work PoliticsK12: Compared to 2003, Education Department employees are giving the agency—and their boss, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan—higher marks for providing effective leadership and fostering teamwork. Generally, among all mid-size agencies, Education Department officials seem to be fairly satisfied with their pay. However, it's important to note the survey was done before the October government shutdown.


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What is "college-ready" on the SAT? There is no such designation that I've ever heard of (as a mom whose two kids went through college applications in the past few years and who did a college-admissions blog during that time). Colleges accept kids all across the board on the SAT. Plus, whatever point this guy is talking about, only three kids in an entire city? That's not credible. My kids both go to Oberlin College, which regularly recruits at a public arts high school in Camden. Plus, isn't Camden full of "it's a miracle!" charter schools? If their kids supposedly aren't college-ready, is the so-called "reform" sector admitting to a fail here?

I suspect one of those not-infrequent AP-idiocy moments.

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