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AM News: Mandela, Shelton, Teacher Training, Newtown


As student, Obama drew inspiration from Mandela Boston Globe: But as Obama prepares to honor Mandela at a memorial service Tuesday in South Africa, people close to the U.S. president say he is well-aware that his rapid rise through America's political ranks pales in comparison to Mandela's 27 years in prison. 

Ed Dept. Official: Other Countries Beating U.S. at Own Game PoliticsK12: During a conversation with state legislators at the National Conference of State Legislature's forum in Washington on Dec. 6, acting U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education  James H. Shelton argued that it was "mythology" to say that the U.S. had truly "fallen behind" in terms of actual educational performance.

Teacher Training in Classroom Management Is Insufficient, NCTQ Finds TeacherBeat: A new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality finds fault with how teacher colleges approach instruction on classroom management.

Newtown Massacre Prompts More Vigilance in Schools and Elsewhere NYT: In Fairfield, Conn., and other towns there have been notable security changes, like more armed officers and surveillance cameras.

Reflections from people close to Newtown tragedy AP: Reflections from people connected to the shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in which 20 first-graders and six educators died....

Teachers Union Holding Vigils for 260 'Housed' Members LA School Report: While American Federation of Teachers affiliates are holding a “National Day of Action” today, UTLA is planning four vigils in support of “housed” LA Unified teachers, those caught between allegations of misconduct and final rulings on their employment status.

Common Core Standards Could Knock As, Bs And Cs Off Report Cards NPR: When it comes to report cards, most people think of grades like A, B, C or maybe F. But more and more parents around the country are seeing their kids come home with grades like E, M, IP or LP. It's part of a growing trend to make grades more reflective of the specific skills students have actually mastered, and its getting a boost from the move to Common Core standards.

What Do Those School Grades Really Show? WNYC: Progress reports without a grade. That’s what Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio proposed during the campaign and it led SchoolBook to wonder: what are all those numbers behind the grades and what can we learn from them going forward?

 Spelman College charts a new path by encouraging women in STEM studies PBS: Today, Spelman's Beverly Daniel Tatum became one of four college presidents and the first from a historically black institution to receive the Carnegie Corporation's annual Academic Leadership Award. The foundation cited her work in encouraging women to pursue careers in the so-called STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and math and for her decision to drop intercollegiate sports in favor of student health.

Chicago Photographer Carlos Javier Ortiz Launches Kickstarter For Book Documenting Youth Violence HuffPost: The book, which he described as the "denouement" of his project, is set to feature "The Interrupters" producer Alex Kotlowitz's interview with Ortiz, as well as essays and interviews with Chicago parents, students and teachers that aim to "humanize the victims, survivors, perpetrators, friends and family of those irrevocably affected by the scourge of youth violence."



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