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Technology: Laptops Vs. Tablets

Are you pro-tablet, pro-laptop, or against them both? Gary Stager and a Long Island (NY) superintendent talk pros and cons of tablets/laptops (Day of the Tablet). One thinks it's the right tool for the job. The other, not so much (For the Love of Laptops). I'll let you guess which is which. 


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Gary Stager, could you say that again, louder? Especially this part:
"The iPad is a consumption device. ... Apple has made it clear that education is about content delivery and testing, no longer about the power to be your best."

It's not even a working consumption device. The specifics of "delivering" actual targeted content overwhelm its technical capacity, and it has no such product line, so it delivers something else instead.

Holding children accountable to it is a crime. This marketing drive depends utterly on adults bowing to aggressive, false advertising claims, when the truth in front of us is vastly different. Our building was "flipped" to iPads this year, and put under a Pearson professional development regimen. This was a "district" decision. It's 1984 out here.

I will always be 100% with Laptops for the simple fact that... it can do everything a tablet can do. Given that a tablet is more portable and easier to manage, a laptop can prove to be the same and more. It's versatile in the means of doing work and functional capabilities of a laptop can be a lot faster when you need something done instantly. Sometimes, the on-screen keyboard for a tablet doesn't work like it should and it causes from minor to major mistakes that are detrimental to your task. So I say, I would rather have a laptop and more things to do than a tablet with limited capabilities.

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