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Morning Video: Creepy iPad App Monitors' Preschoolers' Development

Parent's Pad from Kidaptive on Vimeo.

Maybe it's just me -- I was the only one creeped out last weekend when the bouncer scanned the bar code on my driver's license at the door instead of just checking the date -- but this kind of thing gives me the willies. Via Fast Company


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I am truly puzzled by your reaction. This is an app that allows parents to choose to monitor their child's development if they decide to buy the app. It will not be shared with anyone else but the parents. You have always claimed to support corporate reform. You do understand that corporate reform encourages student development as measured by grades and test scores to be stored on computers where they will be accessible to teachers as well as parents. In many cases this information will be accessible on a tablet.

I'm not convinced that this is such a bad thing. It's not really that different than the old days when this same information was stored in paper files.

I am just curious. Why is this app "creepy" while the information systems championed by corporate reform are OK?

I think it's a nice app not creepy.

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