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Charts: One Course's Disappearing MOOC Students

image from cdn.theatlantic.comLast week, MOOC founder Sebastian Thrun told Fast Company that, well, things weren't working out as well as he'd hoped three years ago.  Today at the Atlantic Eduction page Owen Youngman describes how 56,000 students turned into 1,200 course passers. 


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If these results were from a K-12 online class, we would be blaming the teacher for not sufficiently engaging the students. Because that's how we treat teachers.

I don't think that the number of people who sign up for the course should be counted, especially when you consider that over 25,000 never even came to class. What is impressive is that over 1000 people took and passed a class online, a class that offered no college credit. How long does it take a teacher to reach a thousand students? But besides numbers what value was the experience to the students who did participate in any of the class material?

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