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Afternoon Video: What're They Doing? No Idea.


But at least they're not asking you for money or using a 3D printer to make a gun, right?  (Spotify and New York City Schools Get Together To Hack on Music Education). 


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OMG. Makey Makey. Do you really have no idea?

It's the "Maker culture", Alex. The idea is to create "maker spaces" where children and adults can build, make and create at the interface of computers with the physical world around them. It invites creativity, play and imagination in real-object engineering, building, sewing, fabricating, designing...

I'm busting my chops right now, in my science department, trying to lift any little piece of it against the bull$hit of the corporate take over you advocate for. Over on Edutopia, there's still a colony of creative Makers trying to figure out how move forward, but being drowned out by marketers of junk software aligned to the Common Core gibberish.

Can joy and delight prevail with Bill Gate's accountability teeth and Eli Broads evil managers' heels on all our necks?

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