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Update: A "Seed" Fund for NewSchools (NSVF)

Newschools-250If you weren't paying attention (like me) you might not have noticed that NSVF has relatively recently set up a Seed Fund focused on "early-stage, pre-Series A education technology companies often overlooked by, or too early for, the traditional investing community," co-headed by Jennifer Carolan and Wayee Chu.

I'm told @nsvfSEED was launched in January 2012 and has an office in Silicon Valley where all the startup action is and most of its 20 or so investments ($100,000-300,000) have been in for-profit outfits like Ellevate, ClassDojo, EdSurge, and GoalBook rather than nonprofits that the NSVF "mother ship" has invested in previously.

Of course, NSVF has other active funds, focused on regions (Newark, DC, and Boston) and on teacher preparation (aka Learning To Teach).

What makes the Seed Fund different is that it sounds like it's actually operating like a "real" venture fund (to the extent I understand what that is) -- focused largely on for-profit companies at an early enough stage that they really need the help, without any real expectation that they'll all succeed.  In this sense, the Seed Fund seems new and different from much of what NSVF has ended up supporting in the past -- and closer to what it was originally intended to do (as far as I understand that).  

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