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Quotes: Building The Common Core Plane -- Safely

Quotes2We are building the plane as we fly it... But let's be clear our passengers are safe. - Baltimore Superintendent Dallas Dance )about Common Core implementation)

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This aircraft manufacturing cliche is badly applied here. We have state schools; they have to teach something; and a relevant question is, "Is the taught curriculum this year better than what students were being taught last year?" If not, the roll-out in a particular district was too rushed; but if it's even equally good, the benefit of the doubt should go to the Common Core, since its curriculum materials should get better over time, and more rapidly than with previous curricula since more educators will be contributing to building up commonly shared materials.

In fact, this last insight has much to do with why I have long preferred international curricula (and pretty much international everything else) since I lived overseas for seven years. Taking the best that the world has to offer and sharing it with everyone has been a motto of One World School (currently operating as One World Lyceum), and this should be the approach of every school that aspires to be at least good.

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