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EdTech: Handful Of Tablet Takedowns

Amplify_Tablet-2x_414_313In her morning roundup, Politico's Libby Nelson notes that it was a very bad week for tablets in schools, what with the suspension of the Amplify program in Guilford NC and snafus in LA.

Writes Nelson: "A district in Corvallis, Ore., said it's learning from LA's experience and put its own iPad program on hold. And so did a district in Texas."

Meanwhile, students in Indiana have also hacked their tablets. Roughly 300 were stolen from a school in Chicago.

These could be isolated examples, or early glitches, or signs of bigger problems.  Any other implementations going well (or poorly)?  They're definitely using tablets in Chicago but I haven't heard any big problems (or praise) besides a recent theft.  Image via Amplify.


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Why aren't students taking advantage of the technology at their fingertips instead of hacking them or stealing them for cash? The iPad is a powerful learning (and entertainment) device that should be start to revolutionize the classroom - not put it under lock and key.

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