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AM News: LAUSD Superintendent Might Stay - Or Not


Momentum builds for retaining Deasy as LAUSD chief LA Daily News: As civic groups mobilized in support of Los Angeles Unified Superintendent John Deasy, board member Steve Zimmer expressed optimism Monday that the embattled schools chief can be persuaded to stay on as head of the nation's second-largest district.

Los Angeles Schools Leadership Questioned WSJ: The Los Angeles Unified School District is slated to meet Tuesday to discuss whether to renew its superintendent’s contract—a decision that could change the leadership of the nation’s second-largest school system.

Zimmer: LA Unified Board Wants Deasy to Stay LA School Report: In anticipation of what’s sure to be a long and dramatic school board meeting tomorrow, LA Unified board member Steve Zimmer says he’s optimistic that the board can convince Superintendent John Deasy not to resign as head of the nation’s second largest school district.

L.A. schools improved, but Deasy fell short of ambitious goals LA Times: Supt. John Deasy, whose annual review will be conducted Tuesday, failed to meet many goals he set for himself. Even so, school board members and civic leaders cite long-term gains. 

LAUSD needs Deasy LA Times (editorial page): We don't always agree with him, but the superintendent has excelled in a difficult position.There are so many dramas and mini-disasters at the Los Angeles Unified School District, they have to take a number and line up for attention.

Texas No Child Left Behind waiver means concessions to feds Politico: Critics often tie No Child Left Behind waivers to the Common Core and equate them with operating in the pocket of the federal government. Some say Texas crushed that theory. Others say the state's recently won waiver reinforced it.

New Jersey School District Cancels Testing After Exams Are Leaked on the Internet NYT: The breach of test security in the Montclair, N.J., school district was discovered by a parent on Friday, leading to a “full legal investigation.”

Op-Ed Columnist: A Bold Bid for Better Schools NYT: One Western state’s proposed school overhaul has created a model patch of common ground. Will voters go for it?

Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet NYT: New ways to monitor students around the clock raise questions about whether educators can or should legally discipline children for online outbursts.

D.C. kicks off school boundary overhaul Washington Post: D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration kicked off an effort Monday to overhaul school boundaries and feeder patterns for the first time in decades, a politically charged and long-delayed process that could limit access to some of the city’s most sought-after schools.

Test driving LA Unified's iPad educational software KPCC: Even the hit cell phone game Angry Birds is more responsive. A simple flick of the screen there, and the scene comes alive. And you can pull in friends to test your skills against theirs. Master a task and Angry Birds guides you right into the next level.  The Pearson software seemed to him static by comparison. "Basically you took your book and put it in a digital format," he said. "How does that change learning for the students?"

Obama: Shutdown exposed clash of political visions US News: A school gymnasium as his backdrop, Obama framed the budget talks set to resume next week by urging Congress to put more money into education and other programs he said lead to growth. "Don't tell me we can afford to shut down the government."

Obama Urges Congress to Spend More on Education TIME: With budget talks set to resume next week, President Barack Obama is urging Congress to hammer out a spending deal that puts more money into education.



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"Hoist with his own petard" applies to the Texan accountability hawks who gave us No Child Left Behind as well as to Superintendent Deasy. To fix the main legislative hindrance to genuine progress in American education, Governor Brown should take the lead by inviting Governor Perry to make a trip to the U.S. Senate, so that ESEA can be rewritten so as to replace NCLB with something resembling the UK's Education Act 2011, which properly focuses on reforming examinations, since teaching to America's traditional cheap multiple choice tests has so severely limited the development of competence among our current generation of young people. Meanwhile, Superintendent Deasy, a nice man who clearly understands the urgency associated with the continuing collapse of Los Angeles, has, like an entire generation of his supporters, been labouring much too hard trying to make a poorly chosen mishmash of policies work to improve the lives of young people and is sensibly discouraged, and should be left to decide his own fate, but cannot operate with the mindless rubber-stamp support he may have grown accustomed to receiving from the previous, gullible board.

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