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Think Tanks: AIR Taking Over Education Sector

Bargraph_ccAfter months of speculation and free-floating anxiety, it's being announced later today that Education Sector is becoming part of AIR.

AIR is the national education research outfit founded in 1946.  Ed Sector is the DC think tank founded in 2005 by Andy Rotherham and Tom Toch in an attempt to meld think tank research and journalism.

After the co-founders departed around 2009, the think tank was run for a time by Richard Lee Colvin, who left Hechinger Report to take the job. John Chubb had the top job for a time, as well.

The move is being described as "joining forces" but you can read between the lines: the announcement is being made by AIR and the think tank is being overseen by an AIR honcho (Gina Burkhardt).

No word yet on what happens to Peter Cookson, the Ed Sector Managing Director.

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