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Reform: Why's Everyone So Angry About ObamaCore?

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Thanks to everyone who's been reading (& retweeting) my Slate explainer about the Common Core controversy, which got it (momentarily) onto the front page.  Read it here if you haven't already -- tell me what I left out or got wrong. 

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You state that teachers aren't bothered by the new standards but you don't actually quote any teachers. The common core is a terrible adoption especially at the early childhood level. In some districts this mean 5 year olds are spending full days in school with 70 minute math blocks, 90 minute reading blocks, 60 minute writing block, no free choice time and twenty minutes total of recess daily. The CCs were developed without input from early childhood experts and are designed from the top down. The standards look at what a twelfth grader should know and alters it for kindergarten without taking into consideration that kindergarten's brains work very differently than 17-18year old brains. There are many teachers speaking out especially through the BAT teacher network on Facebook. Our union is in support of this change but many of us are not. It is yet another educational change that is not actually best for children but someone is making lots of money. If you want actual teacher input please contact actual teachers. We are the ones seeing the kids pay with their childhood for Pearson, Walton foundation, and Gates foundation's greedy changes to our public education system.

Good job, Alexander!


Don't worry about what you left out. People are getting it elsewhere.

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