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Teachers: Oh, No! Mr. Gosling's Mad At You

Who cares, really -- as if you don't already know -- but just in case:  This GIF is from a scene from the teacher-famous 2006 movie Half Nelson in which teacher Gosling is talking with a student who accuses him of being part of the system that's keeping poor minorities down. Click here to listen or see below for the full dialogue.

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Gosling is also the focus of a teacher-focused Tumblr called Hey, Girl Teacher (remember my 2012 interview with its author?).  It's since been renamed Hey, Teacher presumably since, hey, male teachers need Ryan's support, too.

NPR.org » 'Half Nelson' Turns Standard Plotline Inside-Out.

Mr. RYAN GOSLING (Actor): (As Dan Dunne) You're saying this machine is keeping me down. Well what is that? What keeps us from being free? Miss Drey?

Unidentified Woman #1: Prisons.

Mr. GOSLING: Absolutely, prisons. Okay, prisons are definitely a part of it. What else?

Unidentified Man: White.

Mr. GOSLING: White is definitely a part of it. The man.

Unidentified Woman #1: The school.

Mr. GOSLING: The school. Exactly. The whole - the whole education system is part of the machine. What else?

Unidentified Woman #2: Aren't you the machine then?

Mr. GOSLING: Oh no you didn't. What'd you say?

Unidentified Woman #2: Aren't you the machine?

Mr. GOSLING: You're saying I'm the machine?

Unidentified Woman #2: Yeah. You're white, you're part of the school.

Mr. GOSLING: Oh yeah I guess you got a point.


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