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EdTech: Three Articles Raise Big Tablet Questions For Amplify

image from www1.pcmag.comOver the past week or so I've come across three big articles raising questions about the efforts Amplify and others are putting into getting tablets and interactive software into US schoolchildren's hands: 

Mashable's late-August piece (Inside News Corp's $540 Million Bet on American Classrooms) raised a slew of questions about the motives and feasability of Amplify's efforts.

From the headline of the story to the tag line at the end, Carlo Rotella's recent NYT Sunday Magazine piece (No Child Left Untableted) persistently casts tablets -- and Amplify -- in a consistently critical if not negative light.

But perhaps the most hair-raising of them all (from the Amplify perspective) might be Todd Tauber's look at the disappointing economic history of media companies trying to get into the education game (When Media Companies Try to Become Education Companies). 

Then again, I'm a notorious reactionary/scaredycat when it comes to education technology (except when it comes to broadband access), and the coverage also helps publicize the company's efforts and gives what they're doing a sense of inevitability. So perhaps I'm just reading it all wrong.

Image via PC Magazine


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