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Weekend Reading: Good Stuff You (Might Have) Missed

Articles and commentary I came across over the weekend and posted via Twitter, in strict order of importance:

Grungy-social-media-icons-297x300D.C. school reform’s surprising champion - The Washington Post http://ow.ly/nALgP 

Education Secretary Arne Duncan teams with Jeremy Lin and others for a game truly worth winning - The Washington Post ow.ly/nCCgR

Former @USDE assistant secty Thelma Melendez might be new LA Mayor's education deputy, says@laschoolreport http://ow.ly/nBwVc 

Only about 5 of @sirsargent's 18 edreform items seem partic witty/accurate to me http://ow.ly/nALIW  [2,7,11,13,17] @gothamschools

How Vast Error-Prone Databases Are Trashing Our [Education?] Lives ow.ly/nC8fe#bigdata/baddata

Two Philly high schools merge -- or is it just their football teams? NYT Magazine ow.ly/nCbck

Higher Education Has Bigger Problems Than Student Loans via @feedly ow.ly/nC7Nt

[Education] scandals don't last like they used to, notes CJR via TAP prospect.org/article/rise-a… via @feedly

"Hating Poorness" http://feedly.com/k/148lQnI 

Retired Army Colonel on Today’s PTA, Overdeck on Math (Audio) via @feedly ow.ly/nC9gw @BloombergRadio

Cchanges coming to SAT and ACT NYT via @rpondiscioow.ly/nCaHe

American RadioWorks - Common Core Explainedamericanradioworks.publicradio.org via @feedly

Fighting Florida's School-to-Prison Pipeline The American Prospect ow.ly/nC8jZ

5 best quotes from George Saunders’ advice to grads Salon via @feedly ow.ly/nC8G0

Teach for America’s Mission to Displace Rank-and-File Educators in Chicago - In These Times ow.ly/nC7OT@KenzoShibata @CTULocal1


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