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Media: EdWeek To Launch New Pop Culture / Media Blog

image from farm2.staticflickr.comThe folks at EdWeek have asked longtime writer Mark Walsh to launch a new pop culture / media blog starting later this month, including both mainstream references to education reform (movies, songs, etc.) and media industry developments (new sites, comings and goings, etc.).

I happen to know this because Walsh was kind enough to call and let me know, ask for some blogging advice (don't do it!), and interview me about my untimely departure from LA School Report.  

I'll be eager and curious to see what Walsh comes up with that's new or different.  The site will join an already crowded field, including this site, Hot For Education, and all the other outlets that post or link to pop culture and media news.  Few of them (besides occasionally me) do much original reporting, so that might be the main value here. 

There's no final name for the blog yet -- any suggestions? -- and it doesn't sound like it's going to be a daily blog but rather two or three times a week.  It will include some original reporting, however, so that's good.  Walsh pens the School Law blog for EdWeek and has recently been contributing to the Supreme Court blogcalled SCOTUSBLOG. Image CCFlickr Torley


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