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Weekend Reading: Stuff You Missed (Or Wish You Had)

Longer stories and items I came across over the weekend:

What Real Collaboration Between Teachers and Techies Looks Like | EdSurge News ow.ly/mYlRu

Doctor/Professor - harvardedcast.libsyn.com/doctor-profess… via @_feedspot

"TFA isn’t going away anytime soon, so work with us to make the organization better." -@jgfong http://ow.ly/mWeJ4  #FMFP2013

MOOC for Philanthropy ow.ly/mWWcO PHILANTHROPY 2173

Why Black Colleges Might Sue the Obama Administration | New Republic ow.ly/mWPh8 [calling Daren Briscoe!?]

Follow debate over #TFA this weekend at via #FMFP2013@jgfong

Welcome Antidote to Billionaire Boys' Club Movies @truthout ow.ly/mWMzL

House Evades Food Stamp Renewal - In These Timesow.ly/mWObg [you'd think everyone would be working on this, but no.]

A schoolbus turned into bread truck - The Washington Post ow.ly/mWP46 [repeat, but worth it]

Documentary Pick: 'Two American Families,' from Frontline feedly.com/k/1dxxrOj

The Chelsea Hotel Had Its Own Eloise - NYTimes.comow.ly/mWOHT

Happy birthday to @SeeMeAfterClass's Roxanna Elden, Miami Dade teacher extraordinaire. She will hate/love me for this.

Pretty soon, @DianeRavitch or @m_rhee supporters will start wearing Guy Fawkes masks, too -- or have they already? ow.ly/mWNTW

Protests are the easy part - Slate Magazine ow.ly/mWNvh

If you want to get someone to hear you, you have to know how to listen -- NYT Opinionator via Soup ow.ly/mWNmQ

How to Win in Washington - NYTimes.comow.ly/mWMOA [it's not pretty]

What Does It Take to Stop Crips and Bloods From Killing Each Other? - NYTimes.com ow.ly/mWMIk

How Children Learn: Portraits of Classrooms Around the World | Brain Pickings ow.ly/mWMCJ

Science Educators on Standards, Nurturing Discovery (Audio) media.bloomberg.com/bb/avfile/vwsj…@BloombergRadio

13+ Things Your Child's Teacher Won't Tell You | Reader's Digest http://ow.ly/mWEIN 

Three kinds of student data PII, SIS, and UII info each need to be considered differently @hechingerreport http://ow.ly/mWbmV 

InBloom is wilting thanks to privacy concerns–but they don’t stop with InBloom | Digital http://ow.ly/mWbk4 


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