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Media: Politico Launching "Pro" Education Site Monday

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Starting on Monday, July 22, Politico is adding "Morning Education" to its growing list of "pro" (subscription) services, according to a somewhat incoherent note on the site.
Having already conquored/ruined political news coverage with its free offerings, Politico recently announced it would offer premium ("pro") services, including 3 subject-specific verticals (trade, ag, and education).   The New York Times wrote about it here. Politico posted job announcements for reporters and editor.
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According to her Twitter bio, newly-hiredLibby Nelson (@libbyanelson, formerly of Inside Higher Ed) will be part of the new team, which I'm told also includes EdWeek's Nirvi Shah as editor, plus former WSJ and Reuters reporter Stephanie Simon@StephanieSimon_)  a web producer named Caitlin Emma and a mystery reporter to be named Monday. 
"I’m excited to work with a team of top-notch education reporters to launch a new coverage area for Politico," Simon wrote me by email.  "Politico is eager to lead in covering not just federal legislation, but also state policies and the politics of ed reform. We can’t wait to get started."
There will be lots of attention when the new site launches, but the longer term question is whether Politico will be able to draw enough subscribers who think it's worth paying a big chunk of extra for information that may or may not be available for free (or much less) here, or at EdWeek, Fritzwire, National Journal, etc.  
There have been various attempts at creating subscription-based information sources on education policy in DC.  When it first launched in 2010, Whiteboard Advisors said they would charge for their insiders' report, which is now given away for free. Subscriptions are more common since then, generally, but nonprofit news sites are also more common.  
We'll see how it goes.  For now, at least, it's exciting and fun.  Where can I get my complimentary subscription? Left to right, that's Nelson, Simon, and Shah above.

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