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Weekend Reading: Stuff You Missed (Or Wish You Had)

NCLB Bills: A Side-By-Side Comparison - Politics K-12 - Education Week ow.ly/lQmUy

Slim chances for new version of No Child Left Behind | HechingerEd Blog ow.ly/lOZ5r @s_garl

"This Is Morally Wrong": Watch Elizabeth Warren on GOP and Student Loans | Mother Jones ow.ly/lQcKM

Power to the Preschoolers ow.ly/1XfcSr

How Adaptive Learning is Transforming Education - TIME ow.ly/lQm2k @kaylawebley

Where Unions Went Wrong on ‘Right to Work’ - In These Times ow.ly/lQcKy

Six Big Tech Trends | MindShift ow.ly/lQcOd mobile learning, open content, cloud computing, and yes -- 3D printers.

From Jay Mathews: How to survive our education battles: The latest fashions in the American education system a... bit.ly/18i6f8Z

SATs have nothing on China’s dreaded gaokao exam -Salon.com ow.ly/lQokG

13-year old with IQ higher than Einstein is also refreshingly modest - Salon.com ow.ly/lQofK

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow - NYTow.ly/lQcHf #17 Terrifying playgrounds


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