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Weekend Reading: Can Hillary Save Universal Preschool?

Hillary gives early childhood agenda what it needs: A public boost. | New Republic ow.ly/m4mV8

Study: Reading novels makes us better thinkers -Salon.com ow.ly/m4krN

Do Schools Know How to Spend Their Ed Tech Money Wisely? | MindShift ow.ly/m4kbz @MindShift

How online tools may change classrooms today and forever. ow.ly/m4k74

After Newtown shooting, mourning parents enter into the lonely quiet - Washington Post ow.ly/m4kMt

Uh-oh! Inspirational Text Messages Won’t Improve Teens’ Grades, according to Roland Fryer studyow.ly/m4jGY @getschooled

Sir Ken Robinson, Teachers on Creativity in Schools (Audio) ow.ly/m4k8k

Big data is not our master -TNR ow.ly/m4mYl

Trying to make separate equal | Feature | Chicago Reader ow.ly/m5hNB

From Jay Mathews: School ignores advice from learning disability experts: Stacie Brockman is the Prince George... bit.ly/13RA8qe

Did Ritalin Make Kids in Quebec Dumber? | New Republic ow.ly/m4mGH

My little future iPad addicts - Salon.com ow.ly/m4m7QWhy am I still insisting on rules?

11-year-old mariachi earns roaring ovation from NBA crowd - Salon.com ow.ly/m4ktI

Student Athlete Named ‘Creepy Smile Kid’ in High School Yearbook | TIME.com ow.ly/m4WBM


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