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AM News: Duncan's All-Out Effort on "Preschool For All"

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan works to sell Obama administration’s preschool initiative Washington Post: He is reaching out to Republican governors, hoping they will help him persuade GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill to embrace the “Preschool for All” initiative. But it’s a tall order for many Republican governors who are cool to the notion of new taxes.

Senate Committee Passes Democratic NCLB Renewal Bill EdWeek: On a completely predictable party-line vote, the Senate Education Committee approved a bill to reauthorize the long-stalled renewal of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Senate committee approves bill updating federal education law Washington Post: On a party line vote, a Senate committee approved a bill Wednesday to update the country’s main federal education law by erasing some of its most punitive aspects.

No Child Left Behind Bill Passes Senate Committee, But No End In Sight For Recasting Bush Law Huffington Post:  Harkin says he intends to bring his bill to the Senate floor sometime this year -- hopefully by the fall -- and would allow amendments to be made during that process. But even if the overhaul makes it through the floor vote, it is unlikely to be signed into law because the predominant legislative vision in the House varies significantly. 

States Seek Flexibility During Common-Test Transition EdWeek: A flurry of education groups are staking out positions on the role tests should play in evaluating teachers and labeling schools.

New task force on Internet and learning has a controversial name: Bush Hechinger Report: The task force, which plans to report its findings early next year, is notable for its strong Latino representation in particular, as well as a focus on safety. In too many public schools and libraries, the Internet is filtered or restricted altogether and students are stopped from using cell phones because of concerns about security, predation, theft or cyberbullying, so supporting safety and digital citizenship is key to getting a wider range of students access to the benefits of learning with technology.

Aspen Institute to Look at Online Learning EdWeek: The Aspen Institute has convened a task force to study how children learn online and how to improve online education while safeguarding student privacy.

Data Reveal a Rise in College Degrees Among Americans NYT: The increase, which follows more than two decades of slow growth in college completion, appears to be driven by the recent recession and the creation of new types of jobs.

School for disabled accused of running sweatshop AP: The U.S. Justice Department has found that a Providence vocational school ran what amounted to a sweatshop involving developmentally disabled students....

Playgrounds honoring Newtown victims take shape AP: Six months after the school shooting in Newtown, 26 playgrounds are taking shape around the region, showcasing each of the victim's likes and interests - everything from the moon to flamingos....

Video: School rooted in segregation raises students’ expectations NBC News: When Principal Donald Lilley arrived nine years ago, Annapolis High School operated like two different schools where minority students failed and white students excelled. But innovative changes helped transform the school, creating a community that thrives on mentoring. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports. (Nightly News)


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