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Weekend Reading: Rhode Island Supe Gets Real On Testing

Over the weekend, I check magazines and other long-form sites and sometimes there are good things that come through:

image from farm4.staticflickr.comOur schools and the truth about testing ow.ly/kULvD Deborah Gist

Feds Want More Details from CA Waiver Application goo.gl/YpSVj [includeds CORE explainer re peer review comments] @PoliticsK12

From Jay Mathews: A powerful term in U.S. high schools: DBQ: You may not know what a DBQ is. For most of my li... bit.ly/160GZTE

The Death of “Freedom”: Last Days of a Dying School | Emmanuel Felton | @ProjWordsworth ow.ly/kUvmP

Los Angeles Teachers Battle Against School Breakfast Program ow.ly/kUFBG @TakePart @vanromo

Study: Math Skills at Age 7 Predict How Much Money You'll Make - Lindsay Abrams - The Atlantic ow.ly/kW4SC

@samchaltain says that TED Talks are over (now that he's been on them) ow.ly/kULA1

The Avenues school in New York probably teaches everything *but* humility. ow.ly/kULHi

Teenage Diaries Revisited http://ow.ly/kTThO  Josh the kid with Tourette's is a NYC rubber room teacher via @drjohnthompson

Plan aims to determine students' socioeconomic status | Detroit Free Press  freep.comow.ly/kW2SV @gtoppo

Why Smart, Poor Students Should Go to America's Most Competitive Colleges (in a Graph) The Atlantic ow.ly/kW52r

How Colleges Are Selling Out the Poor to Court the Richow.ly/1W8NyD

Christine Gross-Loh: Have American Parents Got It All Backwards? ow.ly/kWhXq

Yes, a think tank paper can get you fired [Jason Richwine/Heritage] ow.ly/kVWOe

‘Just let this kid get on with her life’: Science tutor for arrested Florida teen speaks out — MSNBC ow.ly/kTUff

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I wouldn't exactly call Gist's op-ed "getting real." While she says "there isn’t a single decision about students or teachers that we base solely on the state assessments," it is certainly true that if you meet every graduation requirement for except on one of the state assessments, you will not graduate.

There are very real concerns about the validity of the 11th grade math NECAP which have not been addressed and cannot be addressed because the validity studies were simply never done.

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