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Weekend Reading: Online Tablets Projects Oh My

Here are some interesting items from over the weekend and long-form sites and magazines I don't get to during the week:

New Dade Cty teachers union boss Fedrick Ingram rose from poverty to president MiamiHerald ow.ly/lbzVr via @RoxannaElden

College Is Going Online, Whether We Like It Or Not - Zachary Karabell - The Atlantic ow.ly/la4ee

"One day, you will see [grad] speakers ditch the podium & go straight for the telemarketer ear piece and microphone" ow.ly/la4kD

Lyndon Baty and the Robot That Saved Him - - Dallas Observer ow.ly/l9xyX A sick boy and his robot sidekick keep beating the odds.

Can Venture Capital Deliver on the Promise of the Public University? n+1 ow.ly/lbmil

Educators Discuss the Use of Tablets in K-12 Education (Audio) ow.ly/lbm9T

Beware Batch Processing Of Kids: Ed Tech Expert - Education - Online ow.ly/lbm8d

How classroom teachers may be able to combat the impact of stereotype threat @AmRadioWorks ow.ly/lbmve

What It Takes to Become an All Project-Based School | MindShift ow.ly/lbm1V

Dear Prudence Live in New York: Video answer to question of preschool and lying parents. - Slate Magazine ow.ly/lbmDa

Gentrification, technology, and charters conspire to make tough times for middle-rung private schools, sez Checker ow.ly/lb72q

THE BABY IN THE WELL: The Case Against Empathy : The New Yorker ow.ly/lbyNg

"As budgets are cut and standards raised, new evidence that teachers are growing disenchanted with their profession" TAP...

The Outrage Over Students "Cheating" Is Mostly Harmful Nonsense ow.ly/lb6Qp

From Jay Mathews: Miriam Hughey-Guy, one of best principals ever, transforms an Arlington school: Five years a... bit.ly/14iuQFF

The three types of specialist needed for the success of any revolution Vonnegut via @kottke ow.ly/l7rz9


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