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Afternoon Video: Common Core Will Help Top Districts, Says NY Supe


"State Education Commissioner John King said even the high-achieving school districts of the Lower Hudson Valley will gain from the new Common Core learning standards and the tougher, revamped state tests that debuted this week."


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The eighth grade reading items appear to be of commendable quality. The main problem will probably be with the primary school tests, and America needs to devote far more research support to moderating internal assessment, rather than relying so heavily on external tests, thereby conveying that teachers are not professionals who can be trusted; but these test items, even in mathematics, appear to be an improvement over the cheap, easy problems they are replacing. It is clearly too early to give up altogether on the Common Core, as Senator Grassley recommends; we haven't much good to go back to. But if I were an education demigod, I would send the mathematics standards back in toto for revision, since they will still leave American students two years behind their Asian competitors by the time they graduate high school.

And when has John King ever been wrong?

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