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Update: Report Says Duncan "Clouted" Prominent Republican's Daughter

image from farm5.staticflickr.comAccording to unnamed sources and an IG report that no one's seen, presumptive Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner moved into the city from the suburbs and then"clouted" his daughter into one of Chicago's most selective high schools -- and former Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan helped.  

This according to a new story from Crain's Chicago Business reporter Greg Hinz (read it here), which picks up on a long-running problem in Chicago under Mayor Daley and an issue that's simmered for years.

Duncan says he doesn't recall being asked to intervene, and I'm told that his former communications deputy, Peter Cunningham, says the same.  

After Duncan left, the admissions system for selective schools in Chicago was amended to prevent (or at least limit) the system that had allowed principals to bypass normal procedures for a small percentage of students.

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