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Art: Shepard Fairy Asks Kids To Imagine "Life Without Limits"

Shepard Fairey (famous for his Obama "hope" poster) is doing an LA education arts initiative calling on students to submit ideas as a starting point for the visuals he's going to create:

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Be warned, however. The LA Times story (Shepard Fairey taps LAUSD students for ideas) notes that Fairy attended public schools but sends his own children to private ones.  


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I believe most kids and teens imagine their lives without limits. They dream of becoming a doctor, professional singer or Engineer but sadly most of them just simply remain, just dreams. It is important for children to not give unto negative influences that will damper their spirits and crush their dreams. I'm not sure why LA Times notes that "Fairy attended public schools but sends his own children to private ones". I don't think this really matters and is irrelevant to the goal that he is attempting to achieve.

Students should imagine their lives with no limits so they can try and achieve their dreams. Limits tend to discourage the youth because it makes them feel like its impossible to over come these limitations that are held against them. Therefore the belief of having no limit would allow students to become more out-going and optimistic about their dreams. Allowing them to become more succesful in their life to themselves and others no matter what.

Giving the idea to kids to have an open mind, at an early age, i think is a great start. Because, most dreams come true if you apply yourself. As long as you teach the kids about focusing and determination, they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. Limiting kids to think realistically, throws away all of the characteristics of being a "kid".

I can really appreciate what Mr. Shepard Fairey is doing to inspire kids to imagine life with "no limits". Children should imagine life without limits so that dreams can be turned into reality. I studied visual art myself and I too believe that this is a great starting point.

I like the idea, this to me takes the kids out of the reality that there current situation limits there future success. It shouldn't matter what kind of school his kids attend. He is by chance suppling the life that allows his kids to live his idea. In privite school kids aren't limited to the rate in which they will learn.

i like the whole idea about imagine life without limits, life with out limits its like saying im immortal and i live for everything which is anything. giving kids to think about that is like giving a child more imagination, these day i think children looose there imagination quicker because tv have there imagination in there hands

Can you imagine it? “Life without Limits” My mind is racing with thoughts. I got excited to see this story. He will unquestionably find the creativity he’s looking for. What a great way to find that verbal visual pairing that’s powerful. I will stay tuned for the outcome.

This is simply perfect "Life without Limits". I think this story definitely has a great message for the youth because making them think outside the box and exploring life the way they want to is incredible which is why I said its perfect. Life with limits is depressing and dull but life without limits is simply AMAZING!

The title of this blog alone moved my spirit! I have always thought of a world without limits...and I know every detail of what my world would look like and the people in it. It's crazy..lol! It is interesting to know how a child would think about a limitless life. Being young and taking your mind thru artistic mental adventures can only get better and more creative with time. No telling what type new advances in our reality world could stem from it. Love this idea!

I think this is a wonderful project for kids to be creative with. I would enjoy being able to read the ideas submitted for this project. I love this idea but I'm feeling some type of way about the comment of, "the LA times story notes that fairy attented public schools but sends his own to private ones."

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