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Quotes: Talk About "Love" (Not "Rights")

Quotes2They ran campaigns about “love” (a deeply shared emotional value that connects people), not about “rights” (a policy objective that reinforced disconnection between haves and have-nots.) The policy objective of the campaign didn’t change; how they talked about it did.

-- PIE's Suzanne Tacheny Kubach on lessons from the same-sex marriage campaign.


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We who have actually been in the classroom know that love is the key.

Suzanne Tacheny Kubach and PIE support a "reform" agenda that grew out of the Lee Atwater/Dick Morris politics of destruction. They have a long history of attacking teachers' rights, and claiming that they are doing it out of love. Now, they regret that they did not seem loving enough as they did their scorched earth assaults on teachers?!?!

I wonder how many flesh and blood inner city students she has known and loved.

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