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Morning Video: White House Science Fair 2013

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Via NBC Nightly News

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Our president truly inspires me to do more to help the younger generations. We all need to be encouragement and the children that are shown in the video truly look encouraged by the words of our president. The children are the future and their ideas are a large part of what is going to grow the economy and start businesses. We can all take a page out of this book and help someone else reach their dreams.

It's nice to know that the President of the United States isn't too busy to see what the young minds of our future are creating. He's some kind of awesome!

I personally think that this video was very inspiring and for the President see what the younger generation is capable of doing is over the top amazing. All the people that were involve in the science fair not only created something unique but something that could possibly be useful to this world. It’s definitely understood that the younger generation are the future and in the words of our Obama: change is what we believe in!

I think that its really awesome that Obama finds the time on his busy schedule to inspire young minds. I know that the students feel really special that they had the chance to meet him and share their intelligence with him. What he did is really great and it will impact the kid's lives in a great way!

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