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Morning Video: Chicago Union Head Launches Campaign Against Mayor


Union heads are often at odds with district administrators and mayors, but in Chicago the union head has just announced a campaign to register 100,000 new voters and run primary candidates against Mayor Emanuel and other city officials.  Here's the announcement.  


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Great video. I enjoyed it.

It's ridiculous to complain and question the massive high school dropout rates when part of the answer lies within the state closing public schools. Schools need more funding so they can add tons of unique fun programs for students to keep students educated and active. School closings is definitely not the answer to furthering students education.

I really think it is sad when the Chicago union and the Mayor can't come to some middle ground to keep schools in Chicago open. School dropout rates are already high. When you close down a school in the lower class community it makes it really hard for students to make it to school. Some of the children parents may not have a car and this will make it harder for a child to make it hard to get back and forth to school. Keep the school open. Cut funding from another program so the door can stay open.

I have to say that I don't think Rahm Emanuel is the right guy for the job. You have an egregiously high crime rate and your goal is to close schools right now? Closing schools is not the answer. Improving schools, the curriculum, and security are all steps in the right direction. What does the city do after closing 54 schools? Teachers are already stressed and underpaid and now you have to add to the number of students they are responsible for? Rahm needs to go and someone that cares for the city and its people needs to step up.

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