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Quotes: What "No Confidence" Really Means In LA

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comThey have no confidence that Deasy would put teacher interests above students. They have no confidence that he won't figure out who the non-performing teachers are by evaluating the success of their students - and fire them. And they have no confidence that Deasy won't give raises to excellent teachers, which might hurt the feelings of mediocre teachers. -- LA Daily News editorial (Deasy should be thrilled with union's no confidence vote)

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I totally disagree with this article. Just because a student is failing doesn’t necessary mean their teacher isn't a good teacher. I believe it starts from home the teachers can teach seven days a week and it won’t make difference if the students aren't studying. The teachers who you feel may not be doing so well send them to workshop to help improve their teaching skills don't fire them. The mediocre teachers should take advice from the veterans who have been at the school for years and get help to become better teacher and help our children become better men and women of today time.

I definitely disagree with this article as well. I feel as though teachers do their best in educating students and they shouldn't be blamed for students lack of educating themselves. The problem shouldn't be the teachers because students have a choice whether or not to learn from their teachers.Students have the power to self-discipline themselves and which means they should pull everything out of their teachers and their fellow students to become better students.

I agree with this article to an extent. I feel that an exceptional teacher can inspire a student to want to learn. I have a daughter in high school who struggles in math. She has had a couple of great teacher to be able to better help her to understand the concept of math. My daughter has said that the teachers make it fun to learn. I feel that some teachers are not striving to figure out how to make things easier and fun to learn. They need to be more creative. I also understand that all kids are not teachable. That some students do not want to learn. You really have to evaluate the teacher and who they are teaching.

i disagree with this article i feel like us student dont take public school seriuos because its free but if every parent had to pay to put there children to school we would have more succersor then failure because teachers do everything in there power to help the student its the student that dont want to learn because everything is free

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