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Morning Video: Finland Uber Alles

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This 2010 video of Finnish education minister Pasi Sahlberg comes courtesy of Chicago's Mike Klonsky.

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I tried to introduce Finnish ideas into Locke High School, but neither LAUSD nor Green Dot were interested in listening -- but now each should be ruing the fact it didn't, as the leadership in the district is under siege and Green Dot is facing resistance and low enrolment in Watts. What the educational leaders in both institutions share is an approach similar to that of Secretary Duncan (mentioned at the end of the Pasi Sahlberg interview), which stresses testing and finding a national cohort of magical teachers who can raise all of those scores at a pace similar to that of the countries leading in PISA. Well, Finland was left in the dust in the 2009 PISA (the interview broadcasts the results from 2006) by Shanghai, and if you want your children to live like those in Shanghai, good luck to you; some of us have another, and better, vision.

apologies -- that's not pasi sahlberg, or he's not the minister from finland, or both . but you already knew that, right?

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