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AM News: Newtown, CT Votes Down Funding for Additional School Security

Newtown Budget Including Funding For Additional School Security Rejected By Residents AP: Newtown residents have rejected a budget that included money for extra school security in the wake of the December school shootings.Voters turned down the $72 million school budget by 482 votes and rejected the $39 million town government budget by 62 votes Tuesday. Nearly 4,500 residents voted on the plans, which would have increased spending by 4.7 percent next fiscal year.


National Teacher of the Year Noted for Robotics, Resourcefulness EdWeek: On Tuesday afternoon, President Barack Obama presented Jeffrey Charbonneau of Zillah, Wash., with the 63rd National Teacher of the Year award in a cozy Rose Garden ceremony at the White House. The 12-year veteran science teacher was selected from among the 2013 state teachers of the year by a panel of representatives from 15 education organizations.

Harper High in Chicago boasts two Gates Millennium Scholars, despite school’s struggle with violence WBEZ: Deonte Tanner (left) and Brittney Knight are Harper High School’s first ever Gates Millennium Scholars. Harper principal Leonetta Sanders hopes having two students win the prestigious scholarship will help improve the school’s image. One thousand needy minority students are receiving the scholarship across the country this week; 54,000 applied.

San Antonio Sets Sights on Preschool Leadership EdWeek: The city partnered with seven of the 15 local school districts within its borders to launch the “Pre-K 4 SA” program since the November election that authorized a tax increase for preschool programs. Mayor Castro aims to deliver what he deems are gold-standard academics to 22,400 children over eight years in addition to intensive professional development for staff members and extensive parental supports. 

New blended learning certificate program for K-12 teacher HechingerReport:  The “Online Professional Learning Experience” will be conducted on a “challenge cycle” model. Teachers will design a lesson using technology, put it into practice, and then share and reflect with the group. There will be plenty of opportunities for collaboration and community-building.


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This is very disappointing, reasoning being, there has been a lot of criminal acts going on in this year alone. I think we need extra security for schools because the schools are very easy targets for criminals and the extra security could also be of services for others things throughout the school, like controlling out-of-control students, or basically restoring order at that.

I personally feel that security should be highly implemented among schools. I mean, almost anybody could walk into a school undetected with a firearm. I mean, I'm not much into the who fiscal thing. I'm new at this. But I feel as though the schools need to be heavily protected with the resources of taxpayer money and other areas to help protect the children.

This should not even be a issue we should make it mamditory to pay for more security in school. is anyone looking at all the recent school shootings?

I would love to hear why they rejected the budget. Those students shouldn't have to go to school in fear because of money issues. School administration should adapt new policies and procedures concerning safety issues in their district. They should adapt to clear backpacks, and locker searches as well. I would do whatever needed to ensure my child's safety.

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