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AM News: Immigration Bill Would Help DREAMERs & Boost STEM

Immigration Bill Would Help DREAMERs, Boost STEM PoliticsK12: "This version of the DREAM act is one of the most generous and inclusive to date," said James Ferg-Cadima, a regional counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund in Washington. And he said the measure is particularly promising because "it's housed within this larger package of reform." And buried deep within the measure are ways to generate new resources to bolster science, technology, engineering, and math (aka STEM) education.


Obama Proposal on Student Loans Draws Fire EdWeek: The Obama administration has found itself at odds with a key voting block—college students and their advocates—as well as many of its Democratic allies in Congress, because of an important, if technical, budget proposal that could have significant implications for college access. In a move intended to stave off a doubling of interest rates on federally backed Stafford Loans over the summer, the administration is seeking to shift those interest rates from the current predictable, fixed-rate system to a market-based rate at the time of the loan.

CPS protests: Students reject tests, charter school backers want equal funding Sun-Times: Students and parents said they weren’t concerned about students boycotting the test because there is a makeup day in May. Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, meanwhile, issued a statement Wednesday, saying, “The only place that students should be during the school day is in the classroom with their teachers getting the education they need to be successful in life. Today’s PSAE is one of the most critical exams our students will take. Every adult should support and encourage our students to make sure they are in school.”

Boston Area Teacher Helps Kids Cope with Bombings WSJ: At the Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge, Mass., teacher Tonya Leonard is using a technique called "Social Stories" developed for autistic students to help her second graders process the Boston bombings.In the featured Video Ms. Leonard reads a portion of the story. 

Incredible Harlem Teens Produce Documentary on Gun Violence  HuffPost: For many inner-city teens, these words hit close to home -- and they can be heard in the trailer for "Triggering Wounds: A Story of Guns and Violence in Harlem," a documentary produced by an incredible group of high school students. The film, which shines a light on gun violence, is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.


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