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AM News: Common Core Testing Complaints


Common Core Testing Spurs Outrage and Protest Among Parents NYT: As New York this week became one of the first states to unveil a set of exams grounded in new curricular standards, education leaders are finding that rallying the public behind tougher tests may be more difficult than they expected.

Steve Jobs’ Widow Makes Public Push for U.S. Immigration Reform Bloomberg: Jobs first met students who could qualify for the Dream Act through College Track, a nonprofit group she cofounded to help underserved high-school students get into and through college. It wasn’t until they began to apply for college and financial aid that some realized they didn’t have Social Security numbers.

Randi Weingarten’s Pension Veto WSJ: Her attempted ambush coincides with a new report that her union sent to pension trustees this week called “Ranking Asset Managers.” Ms. Weingarten isn’t interested in how they rank by return on investment.



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It takes a village to raise a child. Just because someone isn’t born in the states shouldn’t mean they should be looked down on. They deserve be able attend university to receive degree even if they're illegal resident or not. We can come up with plan to help them become a citizen so they can receive finical aid and get in state funds. Everyone deserves a chance so give these students a chance. I believe they work ten times harder than some students who live in the states and take school for joke.

Immigrants often are hard-working, and Americans too often take their educational opportunities for granted; but it's hard to see why the children of law-breakers should be advantaged beyond those of adults who obey our laws and either immigrate here legally or stay in their own countries while sending their children to the United States and paying for their college educations.

So much for higher education. Turning now to primary, we feel nothing but chilly winds blowing out of New York, making the rest of the country sick. New York City's leaders should recognize that much of this country is unhappy with their Wall Street-style bottom lines invading our primary schools. While the Common Core standards are a net positive, and the Next Generation Science Standards more helpful still, the NYC dependence on external monitoring to empower accountability hawks, while consistent with the culture of a plutocracy, is leading to a disastrous approach to the assessment of human beings that is endangering the entire education reform movement, which has been off track for years now.

The U.S was built upon immigrants from all over the world such as Africa, Mexico, South America and parts of Europe. It's sad that those who take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities that the U.S grants to their citizens are "illegal immigrants". They do their best in schools and strive for excellence to build a better future not only for themselves but for their families. To help "illegal immigrants" come out of hiding and to not live in fear, I believe America should come up with a special program to allow these well-educated individuals the opportunity to "live the American dream" because obviously not all true Americans are not living that dream.

I think that it is a great idea to give illegal immigrants the opportunity to become legalized. That way, the students can get the chance to attend schools and colleges and be educated just like everyone else. I had a friend who was in a similar situation and im glad that she can get the same opportunities as all the other students.

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