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Weekend Reading: Sequester, UPK, Teachers Shooting Staff

What'd you miss over the weekend?  Not much -- a few sequester stories, some universal preschool back and forth, the weekly Bloomberg and American Public Radio podcasts, and -- my favorite -- news that a school worker in Texas was shot during (you guessed it) a post-Newtown gun training session for educators. 

See, the sequester is real: Duncan cancels Boston newcomer HS event sending Marco Davis instead @EDPressSec

Slate gives sequester shout-out for Impact Aid ow.ly/idKEM

China reportedly has set a goal of giving 70 percent of all children three years of prekindergarten education NYT ow.ly/igB0R

'GA and OK are held up as [preschool] models, but their programs show few gains."  WSJ.com ow.ly/iblKs @NewAmerica?

Sarah Carr, John Merrow, Andre Perry on New Orleans (Audio) ow.ly/igvNE @bloomburgEDU

American RadioWorks - Financial Ed and the Common Core ow.ly/igvt2 @AmRadioWorks

School worker shot during gun training class ow.ly/ic08V via @amandaripley Texas

It’s For Your Own [Students'] Good! by Cass R. Sunstein | The New York Review of Books ow.ly/igHnV

By the Numbers: Teachers, Tech, and the Digital Divide | MindShift ow.ly/igEVB

Teaching Math: The Driftwood and the Vortex (Michele Kerr) | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice ow.ly/icUSo

In Remote Alaskan Villages, Teachers Struggle to Make School Meaningful - The Atlantic ow.ly/icLlZ@s_garl @hechingerreport

Students Getting in Without the SAT - The Daily Beast ow.ly/igEPN



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