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Weekend Reading: Reform Superintendent Opposes Parent Trigger

Here are some of best stories and commentary I came across over the weekend:  

FLA superintendent Tony Bennett comes out against the parent trigger for some interesting reasons ow.ly/iGi9c

NM Could Become First State With Pre-School Funding Constitutionally Guaranteed ow.ly/1TqzFo [or maybe not, according to @edlawcenter]

Online education is sort of like recorded music -- not as good as live, but good enough Marginal Revolution ow.ly/iENRC

Big data enthusiast writes that People Against Big Ed Data Should Explain Why It's a Bad Idea @EricHorow ow.ly/iDhmc @EdSurge

Does 'Big Data' Mean the Demise of the Expert — And Intuition? ow.ly/iDRVX

Alberti, Hull, Teachers on Common Core State Standards (Audio) ow.ly/1ToUGr

From Jay Mathews: Arguing about school reforms that go nowhere: In the 1990s, Las Montanas High School (a fict... bit.ly/10s9Yt0

Labor’s Turnaround - In These Times ow.ly/iGmzg The AFL-CIO has a plan to save the movement. [incl Shanker anecdote]

oh, no -- they made the folks at "roosevelt middle school" change the marquee! ow.ly/iBLq6 @DianeRavitch


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