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Morning Video: Vallas Turnaround Talk

"At the 2012 CraigMichaels K12 Summit, highly recognized school Superintendent Paul Vallas shared his insights in effectively turning around some of the most disadvantaged school districts in the US and abroad."

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Paul Vallas is an absolute idiot and BS artist. I worked under him in Philadelphia and he destroyed our district and put us into insurmountable debt.

Vallas left Philadelphia. Schools with an eighty million dollar debt, he starved neighborhood high schools while opening 25 boutique high schools and kicked the door wide open to education management organizations to run schools and establishb charter schools. Don't be fooled. He didn't turn a single school around.

Also from Philadelphia. All I can add to the above comments is: Don't believe the hype.

BTW, does this interviewer not have access to Google?

More time on task

Better people (best and brightest)

Hold everyone accountable

No more money. Ya right.

The best and the brightest will be recruited and work longer hours and be held accountable and be paid peanuts cause they love it.

Dream on Vallas

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