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Media: Reuters' Simon Wins National Education Coverage Award

The National Awards for Education Reporting are out for this past year (2012), and include 62 winning entries from an unknown number of submissions.  Many of them are unfamiliar to me -- things I missed or outlets too small or outside my range for me to notice (Who Killed John Dewey High, City Limits; Death of a District, Texas Tribune) or about states I don't care about (Education Coverage in Connecticut, Connecticut Mirror) or topics (like higher education). No offense, just not my thing.   image from api.ning.com
The big news is that Stephanie Simon, formerly of the WSJ and now of Reuters, wins for National Education Coverage, along with a special citation for Betsy Hammond, Oregon Education Reporting.  Hammond also gets a nod for IR in Diplomas Denied.  Another double winner is Peg Tyre, who wins and shows for feature writing with her stories The Writing Revolution and Making the Grade: When Do Kids Deserve A's?. Last but not least, Mike Petrilli and all the folks at Fordham win best blog for the Gadfly, thoroughly trouncing their EdSector rivals at The Quick and the Ed. Image via EWA.

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